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About Us

My name is Wayne Hendrickson and from the time I was a little boy, I have been around the RV lifestyle. When I was small, My father being a family man, would take us on weekends to a state park where we as a family would camp and play in the water on the lake. We started out like many camping in a tent, because RVs were not popular at the time. When I was about 6 my father purchased a pickup truck and put a camper shell over the bed of the truck. This was our first RV. He made a bed and a small table for the back of the truck. My two brothers, my sister and I along with my parents made a trip from the great state of Michigan to Florida. A few years later my father traded in that truck and purchased a larger truck and a slide in truck camper. We were riding high in style. With that truck and camper, we traveled to Florida, all over Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and one trip out to Nebraska. Every few years, my father would trade for other RV’s that fit the lifestyle at the time. He had about every kind of RV there was available through the years.


After I was married like most sons, I wanted to follow in my father’s footsteps. My first RV was an old used truck camper that I slid in the back of my truck. Like most used RVs it had its problems. I remember swimming in the lake and a fellow camper came up to me to ask if I owned the truck camper in the red truck. I told him I did He informed me that I had water running out the back door of the Truck Camper. So started my experience with RVs. I had water problems, heating problems, air conditioning issues but I loved that camper. It was my first and it was precious. I have never looked back. I love the RV lifestyle and over the years I have had several RVs. Each one has its issues but also positives, because the RV’s have given me opportunities that I would never have been able to have without them.

I am a Travel Nurse and for the last 6 years I have lived in my RV, traveling around the southeast working at different hospitals or wherever there was a need. As a result, I have been in contact with many others, mainly Nurses who have also chosen to stay in RV’s. They were on occasion asking me “what kind of RV should I buy? Should I buy new or used? Will you go with me to look at them?”. I was always glad to help wherever I could.

I have since retired from Nursing, but I still get calls from Nurses, which will ask me about RV’s. I realized that there was a need for others, who want to get into the RV lifestyle, that need help in purchasing an RV and learning how to use the RV appropriately. Over the last 40 years of owning RV’s I felt like I knew a good bit about them, but I wanted to go a step further. I learned about the National RV Training Academy where you become certified in RV repairs and/or RV Inspections. I realized that one of the best ways that I could help people was to become a Certified RV inspector.

In April 2022 I attended the National RV Training Academy and became a Registered RV Technician so I could offer Maintenance Services for Owners who need help in the area. I also went on and became Certified RV Inspector and now a Member of the National RV Inspectors Association (NRVIA).

Hi! I'm Wayne

Founder of Tennga RV Consulting
Registered RV Technician
Certified RV Inspector
Member of the National RV Inspectors Association
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