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Updated: Nov 28, 2022

We are always looking out for you!

The other day a client was asking about getting an RV inspection and the question was raised “Why should I get an RV Inspection?” and followed by “What makes you different than other RV Inspectors?”

These are very good questions. The simple answer to “Why should I get an RV Inspection? First, there is a big difference between a trained eye and the eye of the client. Most clients take a general overview of the RV and they also rely on the dealers pre-delivery inspection also known as the PDI. The PDI inspector who may or may not be trained by RVTI, once certified as a Level 1 technician is not required any further continuing education. A certified NRVIA Inspector is constantly training and updating their knowledge base with continuing education not just from the National RV Training Academy in Texas but from the RV Technical Institute (RVTI) and various vendors from the RV industry at large. The RV industry is constantly changing due to demands of what people are looking for in the RVs of today. The PDI is important, and the sellers try their best to make sure everything works as intended. They are trained to do a pre-delivery inspection to prepare the RV for delivery. They work in the interest of the dealership. Their position is to get it out the door. I am not trying to talk bad about these PDI inspectors, but the goal is different. The PDI inspector will also do repairs as they become aware of the issues. This can become a distraction to the rest of the inspection and things get missed. The NRVIA works for you. Your interest is what we have in mind.

The second question is “What makes my inspection different than the “other” inspectors? First, Tennga RV Consulting is a Certified NRVIA level 2 Inspector. We work for you! As a NRVIA Inspector we are held to a very high standard. We are independent inspectors, and we have a code of ethics and standards of practice that we must follow. We must go through many hours of continuing education so we can stay updated with this constantly changing industry. There are inspectors out there who can do an inspection in a few hours. My question is do you want an overview inspection? We do not look at just a few things that are wrong. Our inspection tells a story. We want you to know what you are purchasing. As many say, we want to give you "the good, the bad, and the ugly". We want you to have a great RV experience and our goal is to help you achieve that, you will get an inspection report that tells the complete story of the unit you are considering. Our motto is: We are always looking out for you!

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